Lonergan Family in Washington, LA | Louisiana Family Photographer

Welcome back friends!

I recently had the most ah-mazing session (I say that all the time and it’s always true!) with the Lonergan family and I’ve seriously been freaking out to share it with you! We met up one hot + quiet evening at one of my favorite locations - Downtown Washington. Such a charming little town, guys!

A few weeks before our session, Haylie gave me complete control over her family’s wardrobe and look what we did! Ahhhhhh I just love this look so much, y’all! I’ll go ahead and link a few pieces for ya at the bottom of the blog! Until then, enjoy their beautiful highlights!

Stella | 7th Birthday Portraits

+ tips for taking your own

Hey, mama friends! Today marks this bright-light’s 7th birthday. SEVEN…and yeah, I’m just gonna say it: “OMG. I swear it seems like I was just pregnant with her.” And don’t even get me started on the whole time flying bye situation! *hey tears, I see you*

Okay so I’m going to keep this short and to the point because we’ve got birthday cake on the table. Earlier this week I knew I wanted to take these photos, but I also knew I needed to plan ahead because what mama has time for a photoshoot and a full day of celebrating, right? So we carved out some time (like 15 minutes) Monday afternoon and it was PERFECT. And here’s how we did it:

  • Pulled out our favorite chair.

  • Headed to the room with the sweetest + softest window light.

  • Made sure there were no lights on. Also, it was super cloudy out.

  • Adjusted my camera settings: (manual mode only ever!) Aperture: 2.5 + Shutter Speed: 500 + ISO: 800

  • Prompts: Laugh as loud as you can. Touch your hair. Close your eyes and very slowly open them on the count of 3. Have fun.

  • Editing: I added a preset to each and adjusted the exsposure a tiny bit, but they were all still very beautiful without!

    If you have some questions, reach out!! I’d love to help and even see yours!!