Stella | 7th Birthday Portraits

+ tips for taking your own

Hey, mama friends! Today marks this bright-light’s 7th birthday. SEVEN…and yeah, I’m just gonna say it: “OMG. I swear it seems like I was just pregnant with her.” And don’t even get me started on the whole time flying bye situation! *hey tears, I see you*

Okay so I’m going to keep this short and to the point because we’ve got birthday cake on the table. Earlier this week I knew I wanted to take these photos, but I also knew I needed to plan ahead because what mama has time for a photoshoot and a full day of celebrating, right? So we carved out some time (like 15 minutes) Monday afternoon and it was PERFECT. And here’s how we did it:

  • Pulled out our favorite chair.

  • Headed to the room with the sweetest + softest window light.

  • Made sure there were no lights on. Also, it was super cloudy out.

  • Adjusted my camera settings: (manual mode only ever!) Aperture: 2.5 + Shutter Speed: 500 + ISO: 800

  • Prompts: Laugh as loud as you can. Touch your hair. Close your eyes and very slowly open them on the count of 3. Have fun.

  • Editing: I added a preset to each and adjusted the exsposure a tiny bit, but they were all still very beautiful without!

    If you have some questions, reach out!! I’d love to help and even see yours!!